Spontaneous summit trip in Lyttleton

In Christchurch we had found the nicest little hostel with its own backyard: The Rucksacker Backpacker Hostel. Here we had most of our clothes washed, we cleaned and dried our tent, and we enjoyed the great weather over Christchurch.

Also, the hostel had the most functional kitchen we had encountered this far, and we decided to take advantage of it: Freshly baked bread for breakfast and homemade pizza for dinner. What’s not to like 🙂

As you know we are not too much into “big city” attractions, and as Christchurch is not even that big we soon covered what we found interesting in the city. Therefore, we decided to do a day trip to Lyttelton – best described as a far out suburb to Christchurch centred around Christchurch’s harbour. This was indeed a charming little town, with a busy harbour. We spend quite some time watching industrial harbour life (impressive how many tree logs they can move at once!).


One of the few attractions of the city marked on the city map was the timeball station. However, as we approached the location it became clear that it was closed for restoration after the 2011 earthquake. Therefore, we decided to do a walk in the forest park just behind the city as we had already made our way uphill. Quickly, this turned into an attempt to climb the small mountain we found behind the forest. And what a view!




After our improvised summit trip it was time to head back to Christchurch, pick up our stuff and head towards the concept hostel Jucy Snooze just next to the airport. Time in New Zealand is up and we have to be at the airport around 04.30 tomorrow – ready for new adventures with Matt, Gitte’s friend in Brisbane, Australia, while transiting there on our way towards Japan.

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