Central America’s Highest Zip-line in La Campa

During our stay in Gracias, Honduras, we came by this little piece of adventure that all too many travellers miss out on! It is said to be Central Americas highest zip-line. It is placed in absolutely stunning nature, and even if you have tried a great zip-line before this one is kind of special.

It consists of a total of six zip-lines criss-crossing a deep canyon, and at the highest point it is 380 meters above the ground.

How to get there

Obviously, you can take a taxi from Gracias. However, there is a cheaper option as the local buses go there several times a day from the bus station in Gracias. Our hotel gave us the following schedule:

Gracias to La Campa:

  • 6.40 am
  • 9.15 am
  • 11.00 am
  • 3.15 pm
  • 5.00 pm

La Campa to Gracias:

  • 9.00 am
  • 11.00 am
  • 1.00 pm
  • 4.00 pm
  • 6.00 pm

We found another schedule saying that the buses leave Gracias 15 minutes earlier, however both seemed approximate, so ask around or get to the bus station in due time for both 😉.

It took 90 minutes to get from Gracias to La Campa, but only 55 going back (the road is quite steep).

How to find it

When you get to La Campa get off the bus in front of “Palacio Municipalidad”. The office is in the building to the left of what seems to be the main municipality building. It is marked with “canopy extremo” over the door.

The guys administering the zip-line does not seem very keen on this job, so you may have to look a bit around for them. Try asking around, or look for the guys in blue t-shirts in the shade in the park 😉.

What does it cost

The zip-line tour costs 700 lempira per person as of September 2018. The bus back and forth should be around 35 lempira per person each way, however we paid 50 going there and only 25 when going back.

The activity

The guys will give you a climbing harness and a helmet, ask you to confirm that you want to pay 700 lempira, and make you sign some kind of disclaimer. Thereafter, you will be driven to the top of the zip-line, about 10 minutes uphill by car. On our day in La Campa it happened to be the local police driving us there in their pickup truck 😉.

On the top they will let you look down into the canyon and ask you to pay if you still want to go 😛. And after that it is just about enjoying the amazing view when criss-crossing over the valley 😄.

September 2018

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