Our best advice

Planning for 11 months of travel have made us search through amazing amounts of travel blogs without really finding true counterparts out there.

Therefore, we have decided to collect our best advice (experienced first hand) for those few people out there who plan to travel a little like us – with backpacks, hiking boots, tent, and cooking gear, to all sorts of climates, looking for all sorts of nature experiences. And doing it all while travelling as much over land as possible.

Travelling overland and via more uncommon destinations often becomes a challenge as it is hard to find valid information on how to book transport, get from one place to another, cross land borders etc. Below you find our first-hand observations and ways of doing. We hope it will save you precious time to travel instead of researching 🙂

While still being home in Denmark preparing our trip, we encountered our first probelms: What to pack – and how to actually leave Denmark without leaving a mess behind. 😉


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