This is what the plan looked like as we took off from Denmark. No expectations that we will stick to that plan, and no promises we won’t just skip it all and keep wandering around New Zealand. Check out our InstaMap to see how we are doing 🙂

Putting a few words on our plans:
  1. Spend a few weeks hiking New Zealand.
  2. Drop by Australia to visit an old friend.
  3. Visit friends in Japan.
  4. Check out the Winther Olympics in South Korea.
  5. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway 6.400 km through Winter-Wonderland Siberia (or Rainy Russia).
  6. Explore Central Asia (those countries who encourage visitors, not scare them away with bureaucracy).
  7. Make our way to South Africa.
  8. Travel around Southern Africa – and spending 1+ month with Help2Kids in Malawi.
  9. Catch a plane to Canada, and spend the remaining time travelling south (Oh, dear Ushuaia – You are so far away!).
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