This is a blog about the adventures of a Danish couple taking a break from busy lives to explore the world’s nature on a shoestring.

The “we” behind this blog is Ulrik and Gitte, ordinary Danish folks with a passion for traveling, great nature, and spending time together.

We are packed for 11 months on 5 continents – ready to learn first hand what the world can teach us about life. We may soon learn that you cannot see that much in so little time 😉 Besides that we expect to encounter (to us) unknown cultures and ways of living, loads of uncertainty and long bus rides, as well as many kilometers of strolling around with our backpacks. And most important, we expect to have all that time together, that we never have at home.

We have established a few guidelines for ourselves when planning the journey:

  • Overland (or water) travel over airplanes.
  • Tent over guest houses and hostels – guest houses and hostels over hotels.
  • Great nature over big cities.
  • Meeting lovely people over being shy.

As a practical note we operate within a budget of €20.000 each, and all our stuff needs to fit into two backpacks and weigh no more than 32 kg in total (we are not really there yet…).

On this blog we plan to share our best long-term traveler tips with the world, let our loved family and friends follow our adventures, and forever have the greatest diary of our trip.

So, if you have a long journey ahead of you, if you want inspiration, or if you just want to follow two Danes and what they learn about life outside homely Western Europe, you can just continue reading!

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