Settling in as full time travellers

Time for our first true update from the road.

So far we have spent more or less half the time exploring Heathrow Airport and Malaysia Airlines flight #001. 8 hours are by our experience plenty of time to get to know every corner of Heathrow Airport terminal 4. Our best recommendations are the viewpoint near gate 20, the free drinking water next to gate 9, and spending less time in Heathrow Airport terminal 4.

The flight with Malaysia Airlines felt like a relief after the airport just until we met “Mr Nervous Guy”. 13 hours of fidgeting did not make us new friends, so we just ran away at the airport – or to the baggage carousel. Just to learn that Ulrik’s flight bag was broken and Gitte’s backpack had been opened and is now missing it’s padlock. Great. Getting into the game of being full time travellers!

But we made it to Kuala Lumpur! And we managed to find our hostel, a small place named Suzie’s Guesthouse featuring hot showers, no windows, friendly staff, very exotic and friendly guests, and last but not least extremely effective ventilation almost blowing Ulrik’s stuff out of the upper bunk. This last feature seems to prove really effective at drying our clothes after our first try on doing laundry on the road.

We have now spent 2 days in Kuala Lumpur, and we must admit that we are hit by jetlag. While not sleeping or being too tired to explore anything we have managed to see Petronas Towers, the highest twin towers in the world. As it is raining in Kuala Lumpur these days we are not sure the view was worth the trip. However, the big fuzz about getting tourists to the top of the building was definitely worth it! And we got a few nice pictures anyway 🙂

Today we went to the Batu Caves. Best experience there was definitely the “Dark Cave“. We went on the guided tour featuring species who have never been outside the creepy dark cave. Ulrik was blown away, Gitte was hiding behind him 😏

Last but not least we have tried out different variations of local street food and very local restaurants. So far, it has mainly been great (no illness but great food) with only one incident of “so spicy that I started crying”.

Ahead of us is a short day of sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur and a long flight with AirAsia onwards to New Zealand. We do not yet feel that good luck with airlines has come to us. AirAsia insist you need to book food 48 hours before boarding – but the food booking module on their website has not been working for at least 24 hours 😉 But no worries, you will never see the two hungry Danes board a plane without food.

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